My close friend referred me to him. I approached him for refinancing my Mortgage. He’s fabulous with his work, a thorough professional down to the core both in letter & spirit. His has a wealth of knowledge in his field & his grasp of the overall market situation is simply outstanding. He ensures that he gains a good understanding of your overall financial situation & then provides you with different options. He’s very patient with explaining the options & very approachable, which makes a huge difference. If he is recommending one option over another, he’ll explain throughly the pros & cons of each option & it’s overall impact in the longer run. He makes the entire process so smooth & easy that literally takes off any stress regarding mortgage. If it were possible I would rate him 7 stars. Very strongly recommended him to everyone.

Arman Hashmi, Port Union

Mr Aftab has been an amazing mortgage agent I have had ever dealt with. I have a second house I was in the process of refinancing, I was referred to Me Aftab and always thank my lucky stars Ingot in touch. He is always on top of communications, straightforward on what is possible and not, someone who truly cares and looks out for you. My refinancing was super smooth, Mr Aftab helped us gather all relevant documents super early even tricky situations were anticipated and navigated early. I highly recommend people refinancing or getting a new mortgage to use him, he is always there to provide advice and provide guidance that works based on a person’s personal situation and in their best interest.

Samreen Tariq, Scarborough

We had the best experience with Aftab Hossain from the moment we reached out to him. He was extremely quick at responding to us and calling us to help us get our mortgage loan approved. As first time home buyers we had almost no idea how this process worked and we weren’t getting far with the banks. Aftab thoroughly explained everything to us and did everything he could to get us approved for our first home. Within a few days he had everything completed for us and we were able to purchase our first home. He continues to help us with any questions that we have even after the process is completed.

Mariam Iskilova, Vaughan

Mr. Aftab is v professional and honest. His caring for his clients are extremely noticeable in all the steps till closing of any deal and beyond. I highly recommend him.

Nishat Tasnim, Scarborough

Mr. Aftab Hossain is very professional and highly experienced. He is open to the clients to discuss any issues or concerns. His accountability to complete the task is appreciated. Definitely he can provide a good value of any deal.
           Fazlur Rahman, Courtice

I dealt with Mr Aftab Hossain . He is very caring and Professional in mortgage business. He knows his job very well . I am very much impressed by his attitude , advice in my best interest as a client .I like his mannerism his soft talk . I recommend everyone to connect him before contacting any other specialist

Kamran Mufti, Mississauga

Aftab has been a pleasure to work with. He’s always a gentleman and extremely motivated to get his clients the best rate possible. I would recommend Aftab not only to clients of mine but to friends and family as well.
          Derek Hooper, Bowmanville

I feel privileged to recommend Aftab Hossain as Mortgage Agent. I have worked with him earlier this year for refinancing my existing mortgage and he has not disappointed me. He is detailed and is keen to meet all the expectations. He secured much lower mortgage rate than market for me which was above and beyond my expectation. He was always available on phone/email, very professional and very easy to work with. His responsiveness to urgent matters makes him one of the best mortgage agent that you should consider having. Thank you for your excellent service and I strongly recommend Aftab for any mortgage needs.

Shamim Atique, Scarborough

Aftab assisted me in securing a mortgage for my new home at the best possible rate. Aftab was readily available when I had any questions and was proactive in preparing me with what steps / documents will be needed next. Aftab was always very professional and easy to work with. I strongly recommend Aftab for any Mortgage needs.

Dan Percy, Northbrook

I called Aftab Hossain to know and discuss some options i can explore as I liked his facebook postings and I felt like he would probably know his role better. I was a bit confident after first conversation and beame more confident as I was seeing his initial discussions with the actual requirements. He walked me through step by step processes including probable financial expenses ( I had no financial dealings with him, but it was with the bank and the lawyer). I did not find any additional requirements throughout the process. I am a person who would like to discuss options and all the steps upfront sho that i am not surprised with any additional requirements. Aftab Hossain is conservative towards his commitment. He rather delivered me a much better result than he anticipated. I wish him all the best towards his venture and would strongly recommend him for any mortgage discussion. If you are someone who is exploring mortgage options, i would strongly recommend you to have a discussion with him. The rest of the decision is yours! I will finish with this short story. I was supposed to sign the documents on a particular day after mortgage approval and he told me to wait another day. He also told me that the interest rate will likely decrease tomorrow and if it decreases, i will be able to grab the lower rate, and if it increases, it won’t change my current offer. The next day, i signed the docs with a lower interest rate! He knows his area the best, and also works daily to monitor the market for a better offer to his clients!

Rashid Hasan, Scarborough